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Lee Wright - Founder - The History List - History Camp

Your purchases support the operation and expansion of The History List, which helps attract new visitors and members to historic sites and history organizations across the country. This is all provided free. Here's what some of these sites have said about The History List.

I started The History List in 2011 in the Boston area and it's grown to become the largest list of history-related events and exhibits. With your help, it will continue to grow and expand across the country, providing a free, easy-to-use platform for getting the word out about history-related events and exhibits. If you'd like to learn more or get your organization on The History List, start here.

I'm always happy to hear from you. if you have a question or suggestion, please send me a note. Ideas from members of the The History List community have been very helpful in guiding what we offer.

— Lee Wright  |  Founder  |  The History List  |  History Camp