• D-Day Operation Overlord

    Our new D-Day shirt is packed with historical references.

    Over the left chest, a tattered US flag that was on Landing craft Control 60, which landed men on Omaha Beach on D-Day. On the back, elements from several aspects of the landing.

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  • Boston Tea Party 250th Anniversary Shirt Made in America

    Our original design, available exclusively at The History List store, commemorates the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773 with the three ships and text from what John Adams wrote in his diary the following day:

    The People should never rise, without doing something to be remembered

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  • Teddy Roosevelt's "The Man in the Arena" Archival Print

    Our original design with Teddy Roosevelt's deeply moving passage, "The Man in the Arena" from his "Citizenship in a Republic" speech.

    Printed on archival paper with archival inks and available unframed and framed.

    Available in two sizes: 12" x 15" and 19" x 24"

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  • The Battle of the Bulge Made in America Shirt from The History List store

    The Battle of the Bulge

    Our original design includes the Sherman Cobra King that broke through to link up with the 101st and five historical references. In the Battle of the Bulge, the United States suffered more fatalities (19,276), than in any other battle in the war, including Okinawa, Guadalcanal, and Iwo Jima.

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  • Mayflower Passengers Poster

    A powerful infographic showing the passengers of the Mayflower, named and grouped by family, and those who made it to the First Thanksgiving one year later.

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  • Boston Under Siege: Henry Pelham's Boston 1775-1776 aquatint map in an archival, full-sized print

    Considered "the most desirable printed map of the Revolution in New England" by a dealer in rare maps, this print of Henry Pelham's aquatint map is available for the first time as an archival print at 100% of the original size of 41" x 27.5".

    We are also offering a smaller version at 24" x 16" framed or unframed.

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  • 1783 Treaty of Paris painting by Benjamin West in an archival, full-sized print

    Offered through special arrangement with The Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, owners of the painting, in celebration of the 240th anniversary of the signing this year. Archival prints available in two sizes, including optional framing.

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  • The Civil War "Irish Brigade" woven blanket — Made in America

    Our exclusive design recognizes the "Irish Brigade's" contribution during the Civil War. 

    Crafted in America from 100% premium combed cotton, this isn't just another printed design; it's intricately woven into the very fabric of the blanket itself.

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  • "Victory at Midway"

    Our original design recognizes the Victory at Midway and is packed with meaning for people who love the history of WWII, including detailed profiles of the carriers as they were during this battle; the primary planes used; the islands, with "AF" marked on them; the dates of the battle; and, the 48-star American flag that flew on the USSEnterprise.

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  • "Voyage of the Mayflower" Blanket woven in the US

    "I wanted something to keep commemorating the Voyage of the Mayflower. I got the Magnet, the Poster and the Most Wonderful Blanket! All three are extremely well made and very beautiful." — John W.S.

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  • Socks — Made in America

    Made in America woven socks in two designs: "Victory or Death" and "Join or Die"

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  • Satin pillow celebrating American independence

    The perfect gift for your favorite historians!

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  • Titanic Document Box

    Replicas of 26 documents come in a black storage box with the White Star Line logo.

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  • "Revolutionary Superheroes" Jacket with your name

    Our original design, featuring all ten "Revolutionary Superheroes" with an option to embroider your name on the right chest at no additional cost.

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  • Embroidered Mayflower "Descendants" Jacket with your name

    Our original design created by artist, Larry Stuart, illustrating the voyage of the Mayflower as it departed from Plymouth, England with a beautiful, highly detailed embroidery on the left chest.

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  • The Civil War "Irish Brigade" Jacket with your name

    Our exclusive design recognizes the "Irish Brigade's" contribution during the Civil War with a beautiful, highly detailed "patch" on the left chest.

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