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A Beautiful Piece of American History

This will be framed and hung on my library wall. Well worth the money if you are a history buff at all. My copy came with a fingerprint smudge on the bottom, obviously where the printer pulled the paper off the press. I think that smudge only adds to the "authenticity" of the copy. In my youth I worked in a print shop that still did some letterpress work and had the opportunity to use a "proof press" that was only a little less primitive than the one used to print this copy. Memories.

Two Thumbs Up For An Awesome Shirt

This shirt, complete with its unique design, surely stands out amongst my own collection of graphic tees. I'm very drawn to original and different designs and artwork on graphic apparel, so this shirt caught my eye, of course. It's a cozy, comfy fit and it's awesome :)

Review of Dunlap Declaration Reprint

This was a wonderfully accurate reproduction print of the document

Soft, great material

We saw a similar shirt for sale in a gift shop and found it a bit pricey, but thought it was very soft and great material. Ordered it online and we were not disappointed!

In search of the "printer's devil"

I live in an historic village dating from 1820. Our print shop and collection of presses date to 1839.
During the Civil War, "The Washington Telegram" was the only newspaper in the state to
proceed without interruption. As a self-proclaimed collector of ephemera, finding The History List
was a grand discovery. The product I received from you is exceptional. The type is indented into the
quality paper and reflective of a true manual press and its pressure. As a fan of Thomas Jefferson,
the Declaration carries even more impact. Thank you for providing such an exceptional historical
document that impacts the lives of all Americans.


This is the most comfortable hoodie I've ever worn! Plus, it starts loads of conversations! Thanks!

Top Quality

I have ordered several items over the past year. I am always impressed with the quality as well as their customer service. I am a customer for life!

This is a beautiful printing. I can't wait to have it framed and hanging on my wall!

Show your love for History!

I love my purchases. What better way to show that you are a History nerd! I especially enjoy giving these to people that think history is "boring"....the images are enough to change their mind (a little).


I'm so in love with this poster! It's unique, attention grabbing, and thought provoking....a real conversation starter! My Mom dropped by yesterday and took the time to actually count the number of passengers, then, for comparison's sake, the number who made it to the first Thanksgiving. She was aggravated that she didn't have more time to read all the names, etc. As usual, customer service was excellent. Would love to see more unique items like this from The History List!

Funny design and great quality. Overall, I love it (as I do all History List shirts that I’ve purchased)

The Dead Pilgrims Speak

Good poster visual with names to illustrate the loss of half the Mayflower passengers in the first year.
Students can see the individual people instead of just tossing out a statistic.

Great looking poster ---love the combo of founding super heroes---my students think it's an awesome design---would like to see another one created with other founders

My favorite!

I’m a history nerd who was raised by a history (teacher) nerd. These shirts are great!!! The history aspect is always a winner and the shirts are always high quality. I’ve ordered several for both me and for my father and I’ve loved every one

A Great LS T-Shirt

I really like the soft, silky feel of the material and the color blue I chose. I usually wear a L but had to go with an XL on this one. It’s perfect for cooler weather without being bulky or scratchy. And subtle message is a good conversation starter (ie, “what victory is that?”). You’ll h happy with this item v

Love the Stickers and Magnets

The magnets are great for my car and my file cabinets in class. I can use them and the stickers as rewards for my students! They are seriously authentic! Love them.

U.S. Constitution from Eded & Gill, Boston

Excellent quality paper and printing, rapid shipping, and most importantly well packaged.
Will hang prominently next the the Declaration in our living room.
Thanks Lee, for outstanding work.

Really nice

I got the Declaration of Indepence quickly and of really nice quality. I had it framed and matted and it would be completely appropriate from the President of the United State's Office to a Patriots home. Very nice quality.

History Major sticker

I bought this sticker to adorn my laptop along with many other history stickers. With it being translucent, it goes well anywhere on the computer. 100% would recommend.

The teaching T-shirt!

I purchased 5 of these history themed t-shirts for my 16 year old son. The fabric is super soft and lightweight which is great for him as it has a little give but is not clingy. These are his favorite shirts and I can't wait until they introduce more and more styles! I love that he wears these to school and ends up having great history related conversations with his friends and teachers as they are truly conversation starters:) It's sad how few people know our nations' history! Thank you History List for making so many great products!

I thoroughly love my stickers! They are high quality stickers that send a strong message.

I ordered both the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and I love them both. Great quality and fast shipping. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

So great they are doing this!

Great quality print - you can even see where the letters are pressed into the paper! It's really like you are back in 1776 and getting this straight off the presses, almost like getting an old newspaper for the first time from almost 250 years ago. Allows you to feel like you are living in that time, receiving that copy like it was sent out back in that time (only 14 signed copies exist: ). This is not a signed copy - you get it like it is literally straight off the presses. It is a large piece of paper - didn't measure it, but probably about 1.5-2 feet long, maybe 1.25 feet across. Comes with a postcard of authenticity from The History List. I plan to get it framed and put it on my wall! Great for history teachers or just history buffs in general, like me. I love that they're ensuring they can print these and save them for posterity - the more that exist, the better chance these survive 100s of years into the future - I hope many will get their own copy so this timeless document will survive well into the future.

My son's favorite hat!

We discovered a History Nerd hat at the Old North Church gift shop in Boston and my son fell in love with it. There was panic in our house if the hat ever went missing, so we were so happy to find the History List site to buy a back-up. I wish he'd branch out to other colors, but the red is his favorite. It has held up great to daily abuse by a 7-year-old proud history nerd. Now, if you would only make more of your clothing in children's sizes.

Just what a History Nerd wants

The shirt is super soft, not too heavy, a great color. I love it. I always love the stickers and magnates. Love, love the personal contact.