Our original design is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Dolley Madison saving the portrait of Washington as the British were approaching on Washington in 1814.

Dolley Madison on the outside and the portrait of George Washington that she saved printed on the inside.

Cut, sewn, and printed in New England using 100% cotton canvas that is made in the USA.

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With two handles: 25” Spun Poly handles for carrying over the shoulders and 13" handles for easy carrying.

The perfect all-purpose tote bag you can carry around everywhere.

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Historic background behind the design

How Dolley Madison saved the portrait of Washington from British troops in 1814, with help from Paul Jennings, John Susé, Jacob Barker, and Robert G. L. De Peyster, among others

You've heard how Dolley Madison saved Gilbert Stuart's portrait of George Washington from the British as the were approaching the President's House, as it was called then, to ransack it and set it afire.

We looked at primary and secondary sources to get a more complete picture of what happened that night, and it's even more interesting.

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Dolley Madison Tote Bag with Washington Portrait Inside"Dolley Madison Art Storage" Tote bag from The History List store

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"Dolley Madison Art Storage" Magnet from the history list store