10 Gift Ideas for History Teachers

Show your appreciation for history teachers by giving them the perfect history-related presents. This history teacher gift list includes history classroom decorations, history t-shirts and clothing, history mugs, and other gift ideas that history teachers will truly appreciate.

 1. Our "History Teacher" shirts with Ben Franklin are well-loved by history teachers. It comes in two styles - as a crewneck for men and women and in women's v-neck shirt.


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2. These history coffee mugs come in two original designs, "We hold these truths - July 4, 1776" Mug and the "History Nerd" Mug with Ben Franklin surrounded by 25 of his witty, inspirational quotes.


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3. The original design "1773" Boston Tea Party bracelet are made for hard core history lovers, in a pewter medallion with a wire-wrapped bracelet. Made by hand in New England.

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4. The best way to show one's pride for our nation's great history with the "Proclaim Liberty" Pin Set 

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Our collection of tote bags are the perfect accessory for every teacher. Very durable and comes in different styles, sizes, and materials to meet all your requirements.

5. "Remember the Ladies" Tote bag and small canvas pouch

Buy Tote bag and small canvas pouch

5. "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of history" Tote bag - comes in several colors to suit every mood.

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6. "Dolley Madison Art Storage" Tote bag

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7. Infographic posters are a valuable addition to any classroom. They are great learning tools which provide a visual guide for learning history.

The Mayflower Poster shows a list of the Mayflower Passengers and those who made it to the First Thanksgiving in 1621.

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8. Pair this poster with the Mayflower Passengers foldout and save $5.

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9. The Revolutionary War Small Poster Collection is a must-have for any classroom. This contains five posters ideal for young people learning about history.

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10. Make learning about US History more interactive with these new card games — Franklin's Fortune deck building game and HistoryPlunge game.

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Find a longer list of gifts at TheHistoryList.com/gifts