14 Gifts for women history lovers

  1. Our original design honoring the "1773 Boston Tea Party" in a bracelet.

    Made by hand in New England. Each bracelet comes in a beautiful box and includes a small card with a historical account of the event along with a "1773" sticker.

  2. These "Jailed for Freedom" pin and "Jailed for Freedom" pendant with chain depict a jail door, with a heart-shaped lock and chain attached. Perfect present for empowered women.

  3. Celebrate every kind of victory with this "V for Victory" Pin, a modern replica of the rallying emblem during World War II.

  4. "Voyage of the Mayflower" Blanket woven in the US

"This blanket is great and made a perfect gift for a fellow history lover. Soft, warm, good size, and very attractive. Looks great as a throw, but don’t be afraid to use it every day, too." - Jonathan M.

Woven in America on a Jacquard loom, this blanket is made of 100% combed, natural cotton. The image is actually woven into the blanket, it's not printed.

"Voyage of the Mayflower" Blanket woven in the US from The History List store

5. The perfect all-purpose tote bag you can carry around everywhere. Choose from our Made in the USA "Dolley Madison Art Storage" Tote bag"Remember the Ladies" Tote bag and small canvas pouch, and our "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of history" Tote bag available in several colors.

Tote bags from The History List store


Our collection of v-neck shirts not only features a flattering cut but it is also made from a super soft shirt that has been getting rave reviews from day 1. Available in your favorite original designs:

6. "Remember the Ladies"

In honor of some of our nation's pioneering women, our "Remember the Ladies" design features these five notable women: Abigail Adams, Clara Barton, Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Available in a circular design in a crewneck shirt and women's v-neck shirt, and a straight design in a crewneck shirt and women's v-neck shirt.

'Remember the Ladies" from The History List store

7. "1773" Boston Tea Party Women's V-neck shirt

"History Nerd" V-neck shirt with WWII Paratrooper

"She's a W.O.W." V-neck shirt


9. "Revolutionary Superheroes" V-neck shirt

Take your pick from our expanded Ten "Revolutionary Superheroes" v-neck shirt featuring a more relaxed fit, or our original "Revolutionary Superheroes" with George Washington with a deeper V neckline and fitted silhouette. 

"Revolutionary Superheroes" from The History List store
10. Civil War Shirts: Ulysses S. Grant "Signature Series" V-neck shirt and The Civil War "Irish Brigade" V-neck shirt


11. "Victory" V-neck shirt

12. For a cooler fit, these tank top for women are an excellent choice. Comes in several popular designs including, , Revolutionary Superheroes, Join or Die"We hold these truths - July 4, 1776”, and "One if by land . . ." Old North Special

13. Our "History Nerd" with Ben Franklin and "1773" Boston Tea Party caps are great accessories on your next historic road trip, when attending battle reenactments or living history events, and for exploring historic sites.

 Caps from The History List store

14. The highly rated, "When the Irish Invaded Canada" by Christopher Klein. Order now to get it signed and inscribed by the author.


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