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"1773" Boston Tea Party Women's V-neck shirt and tank top - For hardcore history folks

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"Great t-shirt! I love the details in its simplicity and design. I can see people asking me for what it stands. And as with other History Nerd shirts I’ve ordered in the past, they come in a decent variety of colors and in a comfortable 60% cotton/30% poly blend . . . most comfortable and long wearing."


If you know the event this design refers to, then you understand why we wrote "for hardcore history folks." If you're not sure what this is all about, you'll find an explanation below.

The shirt: The v-neck and tank top are sized and cut from women, and we’re offering your choice of fabrics and colors:

  • Black cherry V-neck shirt: Printed on a 4.3 oz polycotton shirt, slightly distressed on the neckline and hemline, and contrast dyed to create vivid hues. The neckline for this shirt is not as deep compared to the Warm grey color. The because of the dark fabric, the design is subtle. If you want the design to be prominent, order the warm grey instead of these.  See size chart.
  • Warm grey V-neck shirt: Printed on a super soft  4.2 oz polycotton shirt from Next Level that features a long flattering cut and a deep V. See size chart.
  • Dark grey tank top: Printed on a 3.7 oz burnout fabric that is see-through in places. Great stretch and softness. Very distinctive.  See size chart.

Note that the $2 price difference for the shirts is our higher wholesale cost; there is no additional margin.

Based on the feedback from buyers, one of whom characterized it as more of a "feminine fit," you might want to order a size larger than you would if you were ordering a standard men's/unisex shirt.

Comes with a hang tag that includes a quote from one of the participants and more background on the event.

The "1773" Boston Tea Party design is also available in a crewneck shirt, crewneck sweatshirt in brown, leather patch capembroidered capas a handmade braceletvinyl decal, and sticker.



The historic event behind the design

There's no name or other explanation on the shirt, which is why we labeled it "for hardcore history folks." We asked our Facebook community to explain the history behind the design: 

"The Tea Act of 1773 gave the British East India Company a monopoly on tea sales in America.

On the evening of December 16th, 1773, Bostonians, following the lead of the Sons of Liberty and disguised as Narragansett or Mohawk Indians (sources disagree), boarded three ships and destroyed 342 chests of East India Company tea, which they dumped in the harbor.

The destruction of the tea was the final straw for Parliament and led to the Intolerable Acts of 1774. These closed the port of Boston, instituted a military government, quartered troops among the population, and allowed all British officials charged with a crime to stand trial in Great Britain instead of the Colonies.

Many years later George Hewes, a 31–year–old shoemaker and participant, recalled "We then were ordered by our commander to open the hatches and take out all the chests of tea and throw them overboard. And we immediately proceeded to execute his orders, first cutting and splitting the chests with our tomahawks, so as thoroughly to expose them to the effects of the water."

Thanks to Chuck Burks, Nicole René Shults, Dennis Conley, Janet Raychouni, and Kevin Nelson for their contributions.



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      All designs are copyrighted by The History List

      All designs are copyrighted by The History List and the History Nerd text and design on t-shirts is a registered trademark. If you see a knock off, please let me know.


      Your purchases support our mission to engage people with local history and to support historic sites and history organizations across the country.

      Customer Reviews

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      Love it!

      This top is so soft and I love the not so deep v neck (hoping y'all get more prints in this style!). Fits true to size and the black cherry color is so pretty, too.

      Glad you like the feel and fit of that shirt. We are going to release another design this weekend in a V-neck that isn’t so deep or fitted.

      Thanks for your order, your review, and your feedback.

      — Lee Wright | Founder


      I love my 1773 shirt! Subtle but fabulous. The color is great. It’s soft and comfortable. I purchased a medium and found it fits well, if a tad tight, so order accordingly.

      Cassandra S.
      Love This Shirt

      This shirt is so comfy and is a beautiful color. U very rarely see this color. It was a must have with the historical meaning and its look.

      Kelly H.
      Perfect History Nerd Gift

      I ordered the Boston Tea Party shirt as a gift for a friend who loves teaching the American Revolution as much as I do. She remarked how much she loved the color (cherry) and softness of the shirt. I will definitely order more from The History List!

      Marilyn D.
      Love the shirt!

      I love the fit and the feel of the fabric… The shirt is perfect and super comfortable

      Angie R.
      Love the shirt!

      Five stars because I love, love, love this shirt, quality is great, but unfortunately had to return it. It is very fitted, definitely a 'female' cut shirt - would be perfect if I weighed a little less... The company has been absolutely fantastic about the return policy and I will be exchanging it for something else.

        ["1773 BTP T-s","gift","Gray","Grey","hardcore","History buff","History lover","History student","History teacher","NBIS","Red","Revolutionary War"]