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1925 Thomas Paine's Life & Works in 10 volumes— With an introduction by Thomas A. Edison


Ten volume set of Thomas Paine's Life and Works. Published in New Rochelle, New York in 1925. This edition was edited by famed scientist Thomas Edison, complete with a printed stamp of his signature in the introduction. Several illustrations throughout

Thomas Paine was responsible for some of the most important pamphlets at the start of the war that inspired American patriots in 1776. Common Sense alone is considered the all-time best American pamphlet, in fact, John Adams said, “without the pen of the author of Common sense, the sword of Washington would have been raised in vain."

Volumes range from ~ 300 pp. to ~ 460 pp.

The first volume is a biography of Paine written by William M. Van der Weyde with an introduction by Thomas A. Edison. The other nine volumes consists of Paine numerous works and concludes with his poetry and an index to all of ten volumes.

Vol. I: Common Sense and The American Crisis
Vol. II: The American Crisis, con't and Patriotic Papers
Vol. III: Political Pamphlets
Vol. IV: Letters and Dissertations
Vol. V: The Rights of Man
Vol. VI: The Rights of Man, cont'd, and Miscellaneous Essays
Vol. VIII: The Age of Reason
Vol. IX: Theological Discussions
Vol. X: Miscellaneous, including his will and a letter to Dr. Goldsmith, Appendix with his poetry, songs and rhymes, list of illustrations and index to the complete set

All of the volumes are in very good condition, without any markings except Volume VIII, which has some pencil notation and underlining.

Note that page in the photo below that shows an original copy of Common Sense is not torn; the pamphlet that was photographed was and it almost appears as if the page of the book is torn.

I'm not sure why two of the volumes have a different color binding than the others. They are all the "Patriots' Edition."

Size: 8.5" x 6"

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