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Historical plate showing the landing of Gen. Lafayette in New York

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Manufactured by James and Ralph Clews, England, active Cobridge, Staffordshire, England, 1818 - 1834. Scene after an engraving by, Samuel Maverick, American, 1789 - 1845. Marked "STAFFORDSHIRE CLEWS WARRANTED" on the back.

Since this is the bicentennial of Lafayette's famous visit to the United States, I thought this was something we should offer.

Here's the way the Birmingham Museum of Art describes the event shown on a platter in their collection:

"In 1824, President James Monroe invited the Marquis de Lafayette, the last surviving general of the Revolutionary War, to visit the United States from his native France in anticipation of the nation's 50th birthday. On August 16, 1824, Lafayette landed at Castle Garden in present-day Battery Park, New York, where he was greeted with great fanfare, including a parade, lavish banquets, a spectacular ball, and a fireworks display. Lafayette’s visit to America became a thirteen month extravaganza, lasting until September 1825. Lafayette traveled more than 6,000 miles, visiting all twenty-four states. Wherever Lafayette went, he was welcomed with great pageantry, greeted by hordes of well-wishers and lavished with gifts and honors."

— Lee Wright | Founder

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