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Theodore Roosevelt's "The Winning of the West" — Six volumes

An account of the exploration and settlement of our country from the Alleghanies to the Pacific. Published by Current Literature Pub. Co., NY., 1905.

Includes the following:

  • Vol. I: The Spread of English-Speaking Peoples
  • Vol. II: In the Current of the Revolution
  • Vol. III: The War in the North West
  • Vol. IV: The Indian Wars
  • Vol. V: St. Clair and Wayne
  • Vol. VI: Louisiana and Aaron Burr; includes an index to the all volumes
This set is in excellent condition in all respects. There are no markings save one: The name of an earlier owner stamped on the inside cover of each volume.

These were extremely well cared for and are in excellent condition.

Size: 7.25" x 4.5"

Shipping: $15. Please allow two weeks for shipping.

Roosevelt was a prolific writer. One wonders where he found the time. I thought it would be interesting to simply list all of the books he wrote during his lifetime, which we've included below.

— Lee Wright | Founder

Books written by Theodore Roosevelt during his lifetime

1882 The Naval War of 1812

1885 Hunting Trips of a Ranchman

1887 Thomas Hart Benton

1888 Essays on Practical Politics

1888 Gouverneur Morris

1888 Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail

1889 The Winning of the West

1891 New York

1893 The Wilderness Hunter

1893 American Big Game, with George Bird Grinnell

1894 The Winning of the West

1895 Hero Tales from American History, with Henry Cabot Lodge

1895 Hunting in Many Lands, with George Bird Grinnell

1897 American Ideals

1897 Some American Game

1897 Trail and Campfire, with George Bird Grinnell

1899 The Rough Riders

1900 Oliver Cromwell

1900 The Strenuous Life

1902 The Deer Family, with T.S. Van Dyke, D.G. Elliot, and A.J. Stone

1904 Addresses and Messages

1905 Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter

1905 The Winning of the West

1907 Good Hunting

1909 Outdoor Editorials

1910 African and European Addresses

1910 African Game Trails

1910 American Problems

1910 The New Nationalism

1910 Presidential Addresses and State Papers

1912 The Conservation of Womanhood and Childhood

1912 Realizable Goals

1913 Autobiography

1913 History as Literature

1913 Progressive Principles

1914 Through the Brazilian Wilderness

1914 African Game Animals, with Edmund Heller

1915 America and the World War

1916 A Book-Lovers Holiday in the Open

1916 Fear God and Take Your Own Part

1917 The Foes of Our Own Household

1917 Social Justice and Popular Rule

1917 National Strength and International Duty

1918 The Great Adventure

1919 Letters to His Children


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