8 Gift ideas for History Kids

We make gift giving easier for "History Nerds" in Training with this excellent gift ideas.


  1. Franklin's Fortune deck building game and HistoryPlunge game

    Make learning about US History more interactive with these new card games where both kids and kids at heart will have loads fun.

  2. "One if by land . . ." Old North Special Edition Youth Shirt

    From Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's famous poem which was inspired after visiting the Old North Church and climbing its tower on April 5, 1860.

  3. "History Nerd in Training" — in Light blue and in a Pink

    A must have shirt for every "History Nerd" in the making.

  4. "Revolutionary Superheroes" T-Shirt

    Celebrate the American Revolution with some of its biggest Superheroes.

  5. "Revolutionary Superheroes" Poster

    Pair the shirt with this large poster.

  6. Mayflower Passengers poster

    Not only does this poster show a striking visual of the Mayflower Passengers, it is also a great learning tool for understanding history.

  7. "The Signers of the Declaration of the Independence and their signatures"

    A powerful image showing the list of the Signers of the Declaration and their signatures.

  8. "Revolutionary War" Sticker Pack

    Kids will have loads of fun decorating their things with these history stickers. This pack included seven of our bestselling designs.

    Find a longer list of gifts at TheHistoryList.com/gifts