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Preparing for the Battle of Bunker Hill — original oil painting by Alton S. Tobey for "The Golden Book History of the United States"


Original oil painting by Alton S. Tobey shows the work of the Patriots in advance of what we call "The Battle of Bunker Hill." For an illustration in Volume 3 of The Golden Book History of the United States (pp. 206 - 207). This appears below the illustration in the book:

"The colonial forces worked secretly through the night on Breed's Hill. In the morning, the British were astonished to see their fortifications."

In a solid wood frame made by hand for this painting.

We'll include the Golden Book volume with your painting, too.

Bunker Hill/Bunker's Hill or Breed's Hill? Learn more in this excellent post from J.L. Bell at Boston 1775.

Size of frame: 11.25" x 25"

Size of painting: 8.5" x 22.5"

Only one.

Shipping: $25. Will be shipped UPS with a signature required.


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