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Cast iron eagle — 19th / 20th C.

Updated January 25 at 9:30 pm Eastern: This item has been sold.

This eagle will look great in an office on a desk, table, or shelf, or in a den, or living room. It is highly detailed, has a unique patina, and is substantial—it's made of cast iron.

"Over the years, I've seen eagles made from a wide variety of materials, but this is one of the few I've seen that's made of cast iron and is free standing, as opposed to essentially flat and designed be attached to a wall.

"I selected it because of that, and of the outstretched wings, the extraordinary detail throughout, and the wonderful patina. To me, it's much more attractive and interesting now than it would have been many years ago when it was new and freshly painted.

"It was originally mounted, and for the purposes of display, a large threaded rod has been inserted into the base of the sculpture. The rode is then placed inside the wooden base. As such, the eagle can be rotated, and it doesn't tip over.

"The wooden base is recent and simply made. It's scuffed  and nicked in a few places and could easily be repainted. Or, a nicer base could be made out of walnut or another wood and then stained. I chose to leave it as it is and leave it to the buyer to decide whether to leave it, spray paint it a solid black to cover the scuffs and nicks, or have a base made out of a nice wood where you'd want to show off the grain.

"Note that there is some loss to the right side of the eagle's tail feathers. It doesn't stand out. In fact, it kind of looks like it supposed to be that way, as you can see in the photos. 

"Also, note the higher shipping charge due to its weight of ~ 20 pounds."

— Lee Wright | Founder

Only one.

Size of the eagle:

  • 24" - Wingtip to wingtip
  • 15" from the highest point when on stand
  • 10" from tail to beak

Size of the base:

  • 6." x 7.25"
  • 5.5" high
  • 10" depth (depending on placement of base)

Weight: ~ 20 lbs.

Shipping: $95. This item requires special packaging and handling due to its weight and size to ensure the item is protected during transit. Please allow up to two weeks for shipping.


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