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The Congressional War on Kansas over Slavery and Statehood: 59 speeches covering 1854 - 1858


In the lead up to the Civil War, the question of whether slavery was going to be permitted in Kansas was hotly debated.

We have assembled 59 speeches and government documents printed during this period and are offering them in three leather three-ring binders. 

In this era, major speeches in Congress were printed and made available individually, and that is what we've assembled here.

Includes President Franklin Pierce, Charles Sumner (who had nearly been killed in the Senate due to his anti-slavery views), Stephen Douglas, Schuyler Colfax, William Seward, Henry Wilson, Thomas Hart Benton, Daniel Clark, John Bingham, A.P. Butler, Erastus Brooks, Josiah J. Evans, Robert M. T. Hunter, and others.

Think of this set of 59 speeches as an opportunity to follow this debate and “hear” the arguments as they were made.  A great opportunity to add one’s own library or to a shared home school library or a school or town’s library.

Shipping: $20.


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