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Sterling button set with linked states design


Updated February 1 at 9:15 pm: This has been sold.

Only one set.

This set of buttons was made by Stieff for the Smithsonian or under license from them and contains three coat buttons and four sleeve buttons.

This linked states design also appeared on Washington inaugural buttons, but unlike those originals, this set of reproductions is very affordable.

These come up from time to time, so they aren’t nearly as rare as most of the items we offer in Rare Finds, but they are lovely and add a distinctive historical touch. Thanks to History_Dame on X for the photo.

According to Mount Vernon, the design "is derived from the design first used on the Continental Currency fractional notes issued in February of 1776. The popular design was repeatedly used on currency and coinage and has been imprinted on regimental flags, and prints throughout the revolutionary and early national period. The combination of Washington's cipher and the chain of states visually testifies to the importance of a strong executive for the nation's government."

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