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1864 report on Gettysburg National Cemetery including an early printing of the Gettysburg Address


Revised report of the Select Committee Relative to the Soldiers' National Cemetery, together with the accompanying documents, as reported to the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1864

A historical document that provides information about the Soldiers' National Cemetery established after the Battle of Gettysburg. 

First edition printed by Singerly & Myers, state printers, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 108 pp.

The report includes the resolutions of the Select Committee, the proceedings of the House of Representatives, and the report of the Superintendent of the Soldiers' National Cemetery.

It also has the complete text of the speeches during the dedication of the cemetery on November 19, 1863, including Lincoln's and Everett's, as well as the order of procession and other aspects of the ceremony.

Here's a more detailed listing of what the report contains:

Includes plans for the design of the cemetery, the re-interrment of the dead, and the expenses required to finish the cemetery, a list of names of soldiers buried in the Pennsylvania State Lot, by company and regiment, and the section of the cemetery in which they are buried; a list of soldiers buried in the 'Unknown Lots', whose state residence is unknown; the number of dead from each state, buried in the cemetery; a foldout map of the ground and design for the improvement of the cemetery; a report from Samuel Weaver regarding the exhumation of the bodies, and the attending protocol; a list of articles taken from the bodies of soldiers, by state; invitations to soldiers and dignitaries to attend the consecration of the cemetery, and replies from many of those invited; the Order of Procesion for the consecration; the opening prayer given by Rev. Dr. Stockton; the Address given at the opening; a hymn, composed by B.B. French, ESQ., at Gettysburg; the Dedicatory Address of President Lincoln; and the benediction given by Rev. H.L. Baugher, D.D. Engraved frontispiece (The Gettysburg Battlefield & Hospitals).

The House planned to print 5,000 copies in English, 2,000 in German, and another 600 for the governor. The Senate resolved that 2,000 additional copies be printed and delivered to the Senate at the end of the August session.

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