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The Blue Book: A Comprehensive Official Souvenir View Book, Illustrating the Panama-Pacific Internation Exposition, San Francisco, 1915


Published by Robert A. Reid in San Francisco, 1915. 323 pages.

This book serves as an official souvenir of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco in 1915, the year following the opening of the Panama Canal.

The book is a comprehensive visual and descriptive guide, featuring detailed illustrations and photographs that capture the essence and grandeur of the exposition. The Blue Book provides a rich historical snapshot of the event, showcasing the architecture, exhibits, and attractions that drew visitors from around the world. It is a valuable collector's item for those interested in early 20th-century expositions and San Francisco's history.

While it is all attached, the front and back have separated slightly, which happened to nearly all of the large, heavy books like this one.

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