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Battle of Boston Harbor with the Frigates Chesapeake and Shannon — 1813 — Two historic framed prints

Updated June 2:  These have both been sold.
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Two hand-colored lithographs and aquatints on paper, framed and matted, with UV-protecting acrylic. 

When I acquired these they came with documentation detailing the $1,000+ worth of conservation work done on these, and that was decades ago, so you can imagine the cost for conservation alone today.

They came from a noted collector, originally from New England, who spent most of his career on the West Coast where he filled his house with antiques from New England.

These two dramatic prints were made in England in celebration of their victory.  And while the Shannon was the victor that day, we know how things ultimately ended up when the War of 1812 finally drew to a close—and what happened over the 200 years that followed.

This clash gave rise to the rallying cry for the American sailors, "Don't give up the ship!" 

— Lee Wright | Founder

  • The Whitcombe/Jeakes print is inscribed:

"To the Right Honorable Lord Viscount Melville first Lord of the Admiralty
This print of His Majesty's Frigate the Shannon, Captn. Broke, Commander, carrying the American Frigate, Chesapeake, (Commanded by Capt. Lawrence) by boarding in sight of Boston Harbour
is respectfully submitted by his
Most obedient and devoted Humble Servant
J. Hassell."

Alongside the statistics for each ship: 

Chesapeake: 49 Guns, 440 Men; and Shannon: 38 Guns, 330 Men

Signatures: "Painted by Thos. Whitcombe" and "Aqua\a Jeakes" at top left and right of margin, "London Pub. Sept 1-1813 by Hassell, & Co. n. Clements Inn" at bottom center.

Frame size:

Print size: 15" x 21"

  • The Webster/Jeakes print is inscribed:

" To Captain Broke, the Officers, Seamen and Marines of His Majesty's Shin, Shannon,
This View of their Boarding & Capturing the American United States Frigate THE CHESAPEAKE, off Boston, on the 1st of June, 1813, after a sanguinary Conflict of only fifteen minutes
is with respect Dedicated to them, and the Admirers of British Valor, by their obedient Servant
G. Webster"

Centered by columns relaying the statistics for each ship:

Shannon (left): 48 Guns, 330 Men, 23 Killed, 56 Wounded,

Chesapeake (right): 49 Guns, 440 Men, 70 Killed, 100 Wounded

Signatures: "Painted by G. Webster under the direction of Captn. Falkner, late Lieutt. of the Shannon during the Action." at u.l. margin; "Jeakes sculpt." at u.r. margin; "Published by G. Webster, 21 White Lion Street. Penton-Ville." at bottom center.

Frame size: 

Print size: 15.25" x 22.5"

Shipping: $55 eaach. Will be shipped via UPS with a signature required.


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