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USS Constitution Models—Enclosed in glass with a custom built display table

Updated September 17: This has been sold.

Free delivery and set up within a 4-hour radius from Boston. See below for more details on payment and delivery.

“I've always loved highly-detailed models, especially of great sailing ships.

"When I first saw this I was surprised, and the more I learned the more surprised I was. Far more than simply a model, this was entire display, perfect for an office or home office, den or living room—even a museum or historic site.

Everything is included, the highly detailed model of the Constitution, along with a cross section, enclosed in glass, on a custom built display. 

"A rare find indeed.

"The price includes delivery and set up within a four hour radius of Boston. Outside of this area, we’ll provide you with information on the companies that are used by our major auction houses for shipping large antiques.”

— Lee Wright | Founder

Extremely detailed models of USS Constitution, both the entire ship and a cross-section of the ship. (Mid- to late-19th Century)

The models are mounted on a platform and enclosed in glass. Includes the table shown, which was built to accommodate the models. (The table is designed to be put against a wall and is open on one side.)

Total height: 5’ from the floor to the top of the case.

Glass case (from the base):
31” H x 56” W x 18” D

28 3/4” H x 58½”W x 19 1/4” D

The two models are attached to the base of the case. The glass sides and top of the case fit into grooves in the wood pieces that hold it all together. Each corner piece is screwed into the bottom of the base. The top frame is attached to the corner pieces with screws.

If you are located beyond the area where we’ll deliver it, we’ll supply notes and a video on how to assemble the glass case. It’s not hard, it just took a little figuring out.

Price: $5,600.00 — All sales are final.

Delivery: Free delivery and set up within a 4-hour radius from Boston. Outside of that radius, we will supply information on the companies that are used by our major auction houses for shipping large antiques.

Payment process: $500 paid now and the rest wired within three business days. 

We will supply the buyer with wire instructions. If the sending institution charges a fee for sending the wire, that amount should be added to the total to be sent so that it nets to $5,100.00. If payment isn’t completed, we’ll return the $500 and contact the next person who wanted to buy it.

We're using this process in order to reduce unnecessary platform fees and to give the buyer the ability to wire payment instead of having to charge their credit card.

If you are considering buying this and have questions: Please feel free to contact me.


Touring USS Constitution, including areas not open to the public

As some of you may know, I founded a non-profit organization called The Pursuit of History in 2019, and one of our major events is History Camp, which I started in 2014.

In 2022 we held an all online version of History Camp, and thanks to the Elliott Fabrizio and the rest of the folks at USS Constitution, we were able to provide an in-depth tour via video of USS Constitution, including going into areas not open to the public. 



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  ["Rare Finds"]

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