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1901 "Harper's Weekly" from January to June in a large bound book — First edition


The January to June first editions of Harper's Weekly for the year 1901 in a large bound volume. 666 pages. With hardcover binding and covered in a red cloth. Excellent quality. Complete with all pages.

Size: 16" x 11.5"

This edition features the illustrations of the most prestigious illustrators of the time. Note that this edition is one of the earliest to feature photograph style illustrations.

Contents include . . .

  • On immigrants landing on Ellis Island
  • Rise and growth of Wall Street
  • New York City Yacht Club
  • On General Christian de Wet
  • Commemoration of the death of Queen Victoria
  • On the inauguration of President William McKinley
  • Cuba-American Platt Amendment
  • Withdrawal of US troops.

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